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A Prayer For Consummate Love   Leave a comment

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

FATHER MOST HIGH hear my prayer, Heal me of my Loneliness, by helping me recognize that You first fill my loneliness. However FATHER, Provide for me either a Woman of Your Liking That Is Looking To Have Her loneliness filled by a person such as myself or a Woman of Your Liking that can fill my loneliness.

May She be one who resembles something of Your Transcendent Beauty, Your Passion for The Truth, and Your Depth for Wisdom. Let Her be close to my heart following only after You. In Her let me see something of Your Empathy, Your Intimate Participation in Life, and a Sense of Being Home.

Let it be Your Holy Will FATHER that by Her Presence it will lead me and I lead Her to Eternal Life, that we enable and encourage each other to do Your Will and Your Justice and in doing that secure the Patience and Peace of Mind that You Desire. At this time I would like to invoke the Aid of Our Lady The Virgin Mother that she may allow one of her handmaids to cross my path. I invoke the Archangel St. Raphael who brought Tobias together with His Future Spouse Sarah. I call upon the Intercession of Blessed Anna Marie Taigi to help me find such a dedicated spouse. AMEN.

St. Raphael the Archangel with Tobias

Blessed Anna Marie Taigi