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The following list below contains the Objective Categories and a description of each. The Objective Categories are not subject to change, but the description maybe subject to addition, but certainly not reductions. You may also find that from time to time there will be posts that may cover more than one categories, however in trying to be very specific and organized I will aim to see to it that it does not exceed more than 3 Categories. The list is as follows:

Objective #1 – Inorganic Nature

Inorganic Nature consists primarily of the study of Physics and Geology. Within the realm of Physics I would like to focus on Quantum Physics, Relativity, Chaos Theory and Uncertainty as well as the Newtonian worldview and its relation to the Quantum Worldview. I also want to pay special attention to Systems Science as it relates to Physics. Geology is briefly mentioned, it will be a side focus for I am not a Creationist in the popular sense of the word.

Objective #2 – Organic Nature

Organic Nature will consist primarily on Biology as the name implies. The focus will be on Spontaneity, Self-Organized Systems, Network Science principles in Organic Nature, as well as Evolution. The issue of Evolution, to me is a non-issue as I am not a Biblical Literalist, however I will be talking about it nonetheless.

Objective #3 – Christianity and Psychology

Psychology Objective will consist primarily of a Blend between the Ancient Philosophies, Christian Monks and Eastern Christian Mystical Theology, as well as Modern Psychological thought. With regards to the Ancient Philosophies I speak primarily of Stoic, Platonic, Aristotelean, Socratic, and Hedonist thought. With regards to the Christian Monks and Eastern Christian Mystical Theology I speak of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, The Various Rules of Monastic Orders, and the Philokalic Tradition. Finally with regards to Modern Psychology I speak of both the Psychotherapeutic Methods found in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Psychology; Psychiatry and Counseling Psychology. This particular section will be important for me as this is my career.

Objective #4 – Christianity and Philosophy

The Philosophy Section covers in particular the Philosophies of Science and Religion in this Objective. I want to understand and help the reader join me in the journey of understanding the Philosophy and Psychology of Religion and Science and in effect Their Aims and Principles. My particular focus in this Category is the militancy founded primarily on the Scientific front as well which are in dire need of reconciliation, both within its own moderate position and with each other. For a longtime now I have been in dialog with more secular individuals, and at one point in my life I too had entered into a point of both Apatheism and Agnosticism, so to say that I never experienced the other side of the argument would also be a falsehood.

Objective #5 – Christianity on Fundamentalism and Spiritual Illusion

This Section is the largest section, so large that it has been given two separate tags. The first tag, focuses primarily with Fundamentalism in the exclusively religious context, fundamentalism I believe has deeply ruined the Tradition and Image of Christianity especially in America and Western Europe. I aim to both: (1) Differentiate between True Christian Theology and its various Fundamentalisms as well as (2) Invite people of the Fundamentalist way of thinking to realize what they believe more fully and Point Out somethings that people who adhere to Fundamentalist ways of thinking so as not to suggest that I hate the people.

The Second Tag, focuses Primarily on Spiritual Illusion which in this Blog I want to differentiate between that and Fundamentalism, which I believe is a more special kind of Spiritual Illusion. This particular aim is to debunk certain elements that seem more “New Age” and mere beliefs that are spiritually bankrupt and eerily reminiscent of what the Ancient Church had to address. Like in the Fundamentalism tag, I seek to do two things: (1) Show where those Nuggets of Truth maybe hidden and to expose at what point said topic went off the path as well as (2) Invite those under Spiritual Illusions to better realize their pursuit for Spirituality.

In both instances I have a tie to both Tags, before coming to this point where I am today I started out on this journey as an End-Time Fundamentalist, only to swing off the other end and get involved in various Spiritual Illusions of the Occult and New Age.

Objective #6 – Christianity and the Far East

This section has more to do once again with having a Dialog and reconciling the Spiritual Philosophies of the Orient with that of Christianity. This section will be separate from The Fundamentalism and Spiritual Illusions section because I believe that these are legitimate Spiritual Philosophies and as such they can act as bridge between people who may not know about Christianity and can have a more suitable interpretation of True Christian Theology from these Spiritual Philosophies of the East. Of course, I will also point out divergences by way of speaking about concerns in light of Christian Theology and why I believe that the west is seeking a mass spiritual exodus to the Orient, however the main thrust of this Blog is to show Convergences, in hopes of calling people back home.

Objective #7 – Christianity and Todays World

Finally in this Objective I seek to talk about the Current Spirit of the Age and the Ideas that Permeate Our World today, I seek to point out convergences where people only see divergence between society and Christianity. I also want to talk about various social issues everything from the Liberation Movements regarding social issues to the rising Libertarianism in the West. I seek to talk about The State and Political Power. I also seek to talk about Economic Issues from Volunteering and Donations to Wealth in General, it should be fair that I do speak from a blend of Politico-Economic Philosophies.


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