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In this page I want to expand more upon who I am and why I have written this page. To start in my Brief Bio about Myself you have read that:


I am a Catholic Autodidact, I am a Student and desire to want to know more about Creation and its Creator. I am a Bibliophile and a Deep Thinker. I am going to Higher Education in order to become a Psychologist either in the realm of Clinical or Counseling Psychology.

I am Catholic, after a longtime of trying really hard not to be Catholic, from just a plain old temporary and immature Teenage Rebellion to Catholicism up to a constant pursuit to find a true Christian Spiritual teaching, the Catholic Church seems to have been able to tranquilize my old teenage rebellion on one hand [or perhaps it tired out itself] but it certainly has been able to offer me a true Christian Spiritual Teaching. However, there has been a slight shift, in my search I ran into Orthodoxy and was tempted to join it, however what I have done is allowed myself to begin the work of identifying more with Eastern Catholic Teaching which I felt more called to then the Western (Latin Rite) that I was born and raised under.

I am an Autodidact and Bibliophile, which means I seek to learn primarily by book reading. I like to express myself in writing, in the past I have tried to write books, some of the excerpts from the drafts will find themselves in this blog from time to time: I seek to be a humble Renaissance man and certainly feel that the more people are informed the better off we can have a peaceful society. I feel that there first thing however a Free and Prosperous Society MUST KNOW is its Creator then followed closely behind the Creator is His Creation.

I am a Deep Thinker and Seek to Go Into Clinical or Counseling Psychology, in my search for True Christian teaching, I initially thought that Christian Teaching was merely a moral code, but even secular philosophers can offer you that. It was only about a year and half to two years before creating this site that I began to learn that Christian Teaching was more Psychological then just a moral code. Nonetheless, I sought to go into Psychology exactly because: (1) I sought to understand the Human Psyche and (2) like a Counselor who may try to help heal the warring parts inside an individual person or two persons, I believe reconciliation is at the heart of the Counselors job.

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Personality and Intelligence would correctly suggest what I have come to know myself as I got older, a Strategist and an Intellectual. In the realm of Multiple Intelligences my top 3 Strengths are: Intra-personal, Naturalistic, and Verbal/Linguistic Skills with Logical/Mathematical Intelligence following closely behind.

I have started this blog exactly because I in my self-educated pursuit for knowledge have begun to see that there is conflict where there ought not be conflict. I have also written this Blog because, I genuinely seek peace and understanding. This Blog is called Reality and Illusions exactly because, in light of Reality we realize how Conflict is bad for just about everything, in particular Cooperation and Prosperity with all of mankind, but what is powerful enough to destroy Prosperity and Cooperation? What else but Illusions and Falsehood, thus this blog is designed to do what I have been doing for a while now and that is creating common ground and to speak of a common ground in light of what we know today and where we are today.


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