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Scientific Discovery: Editing Ones Own Genetic Information and The Church   Leave a comment


As I was going through the Internet to find an article on scientific news, I came across a Popular Science article in the Health section. The article speaks of how for the first time, “scientists using a combination of gene-editing technologies have corrected mutations in a patient’s own induced stem cells. The breakthrough could pave the way toward reprogramming a person’s own cells to cure genetic diseases, rather than using transplanted organs and drug therapies.” This is indeed a breakthrough in Genetic Medicine that I believe should be investigated further so that we may move away from the specter of Embryonic-Stem Cell Research. Let this new technology be developed, so that we can limit the number of people needed in order to save a life. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted November 20, 2011 by jimbo9889 in Current Events

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