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A Prayer For Consummate Love   Leave a comment

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

FATHER MOST HIGH hear my prayer, Heal me of my Loneliness, by helping me recognize that You first fill my loneliness. However FATHER, Provide for me either a Woman of Your Liking That Is Looking To Have Her loneliness filled by a person such as myself or a Woman of Your Liking that can fill my loneliness.

May She be one who resembles something of Your Transcendent Beauty, Your Passion for The Truth, and Your Depth for Wisdom. Let Her be close to my heart following only after You. In Her let me see something of Your Empathy, Your Intimate Participation in Life, and a Sense of Being Home.

Let it be Your Holy Will FATHER that by Her Presence it will lead me and I lead Her to Eternal Life, that we enable and encourage each other to do Your Will and Your Justice and in doing that secure the Patience and Peace of Mind that You Desire. At this time I would like to invoke the Aid of Our Lady The Virgin Mother that she may allow one of her handmaids to cross my path. I invoke the Archangel St. Raphael who brought Tobias together with His Future Spouse Sarah. I call upon the Intercession of Blessed Anna Marie Taigi to help me find such a dedicated spouse. AMEN.

St. Raphael the Archangel with Tobias

Blessed Anna Marie Taigi


A Prayer For The People In The Surrounding Community Around Me   Leave a comment

St. John the Apostle

Let it be Your Holy Will FATHER MOST HIGH, that the community around me maybe Healed of its Spiritual Blindness and turn from their errors. May all the actions and events experienced personally and collectively by those in the community around me lead all the more quickly back to You.

Destroy the Prideful notions of Subjectivism, Destroy The Tyranny of Relativism, and be a Reproach to those who would Tolerate the Intolerable. Lord, give me the words and allow me to speak the Truth in Love that Your Kingdom of Objective Truth may come to Humble the Proud, and that Your Kingdom of Illuminating Clarity and Principle may re-establish itself in the Hearts and Minds of Many in the community.

If You will allow it, let those who have realized this prayer find me and those yet to realize this prayer befriend me in Your time. Let this be to Your greater glory and Our Eternal Life, so that Justice and Good Works abound and Your Peace be given to us. At this time I would like to Invoke the powerful aid of St. Jude The Apostle for the state we are in seems difficult and I would like to invoke the powerful aid of Your friend, St. John the Evangelist the Patron of Friendship so that as more people are healed, friendships maybe cultivated in, through, and with Your Presence. AMEN.

St. Jude The Apostle

A Prayer For Integration, Understanding, As Well As Growing In, Through, and With The Awareness of God   Leave a comment

St. Catherine of Alexandria

If You Will Allow It FATHER, Heal me of my Sluggishness and Gradually Remove from me the Spiritual Fog that Surrounds Me. For in my Sluggishness I am slow to learn and recognize Your Will as well I feel isolated from the rest of myself. In my Spiritual Fog I feel like I wonder aimlessly and my life is one of Monotony.

I ask you FATHER in all Humility, Inspire me and send me Your Spirit so that by Your Grace I become one who realizes all things in a shorter amount of time and that by Your Grace I will be able to feel closer to wholeness within myself. FATHER send me Your Spirit so that I maybe raised in, through, and with Your Awareness.

In Doing this for me, may my actions, my thoughts, and my words serve to lead others back to You for Your Glory and Our Eternal Salvation so that Justice and Good Works may happen all the more frequently on Earth and Your Peace lodge itself in the Hearts of All. At this time I would like to invoke the aid of St. Catherine of Alexandria for Patronage over Philosophers and Theologians that I maybe forever guided and molded by the depths of Eternal Wisdom as well I would like to invoke the aid of St. Thomas Aquinas Patron Saint of Students that I may be able to become full of understanding and penetrating insight. AMEN.

St. Thomas Aquinas

A Prayer For A Substantial Change In Personality   1 comment

St. Jude The Apostle

FATHER in my fallenness I am in need of Your Healing Word, FATHER help me out of my Negative and Despairing Personality, although I know we are to be Humbled if we are to share our life with you I know also that we are Not to live a life of fear, so take it from me, take my fearfully shrunken personality from me.

FATHER if You Will Allow It, give me a Spirit of Realistic Optimism, so that I may become Grounded in Your Spirit and Learn to Love Spontaneity. FATHER help me to better surrender to You so that my weaknesses maybe Supplemented by Your Grace that I may live Love Toward Others, Have Courage in Uncertainty, and Conviction in Your Living Presence.

By Doing this for me may Your Kingdom enter into the Hearts of many and lead to Eternal Life for us. At this time I invoke the aid of St. Jude the Apostle, for my case seems so hopeless at times, for I feel like I will never break out of this old perspective on life yet I know that I do want to. AMEN.

A Prayer For Health of Body and Control Over The Passions   Leave a comment

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

HOLY FATHER Hear My Prayer, You say that All of Creation is Good and the Body is the Temple to the Holy Spirit, then Humbly I ask of You to safeguard the Health of My Body throughout my life and that by Your Grace the Passions I suffer from will be put underfoot.

Lord God, help me become Chaste so that I may see a Woman as a Person.
Lord God, help me become Humble so that I might continue to receive Your Understanding and Wisdom.
Lord God, help me become Kind so that there may be candor between my intention and and actions.
Lord God, help me become Diligent so that I can do what is Right with Passionate Speed.
Lord God, help me become Generous so that I maybe detached from all things and see only You.
Lord God, help me become Temperate and Patient so that I may have Peace and Rest in the Peace only You can give.

In doing this for me, let my actions serve to inspire others to Your Kingdom and Lead to the Salvation of Our Souls and Healing of Our Bodies. At this time I would like to invoke the Holy Aid of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, so that in physical or spiritual afflictions I may always be able to rest in The Peace and Awareness that only You can give. AMEN.

A Prayer For A Heavenly Good Life and Prosperity Under God’s Providence   Leave a comment

Our Lady of Good Remedy

FATHER, I know that You desire for me to have all the necessities of life, and that I should not be attached to creaturely things. I ask in all Humility, please either allow me to be prosperous enough that I shall not have to fear debts and expenses or if I should have debts and expenses a way will be made that I will not be tied down very long by them. I ask FATHER most of all then for Discernment and Prudence.

May I be prosperous under Your Providence, that I may be able to cultivate Almsgiving and Generosity, for Your Glory. If You Will Allow It FATHER, may I lead a Good Life that will be able to realize Your Will, all I ask is for Your Wisdom and occasional Consolation. Through this may others be inspired to allow Your Kingdom to come and lodge itself in their Hearts and Minds, so that Our Salvation will be secure. At this time I would like to invoke Our Lady of Good Remedy who St. John of Matha prayed to for the liberation of Christians who were enslaved, and although physical slavery is just about gone, financial slavery is still a very real reality in our world. AMEN.

St. John of Matha

My Prayer of the Penitent   Leave a comment

Christ As Teacher


Just prior to my Sacramental Reversion to Catholicism, I did an Examination of Conscience in keeping in line of what is Right and Proper in order to Receive The Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Prayer written below highlights my Request for Grace so as to not repeat the same mistakes twice, as with anything the only sure safe guard against not repeating the sins of our past is The Love of God. Nonetheless, this Penitential Prayer I have written is for the sake of the viewer to see that the Religious Life is both a push away from something lower and a pull toward something higher. Read the rest of this entry »