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This Blog was written as a personal expression of my search for the Truth and Depth of Topics pertaining to An Eastern Catholic Outlook. As we know these days it is hard to be a Christian and live in this society. However, I believe that being a Christian is still compatible with todays world. This Blog has many intents, which are the following:

1) TO Fulfill The Objectives –

The Objectives pertain to certain topics that may have shown themselves to be in conflict with True Christian Theology. In one of my more earlier posts, I describe how I will begin the work of reconciling the apparent incompatibility-conflict and show a more deeper level of understanding and compatibility: There is more then one way to go about this work. The Objectives are known through the tags of the article.

I seek to fulfill this intent based on 2 Reasons: (1) One of the Beatitudes of Christ is to Bless the Peacemaker, and as such I have come to believe that one of the Blessings is to rise above Conflict, Confusion, and Strife also (2) The world is an entity of Conflict, Confusion, and Strife as such a Christian seeks to rebel against the world and bring about Peace where there was once Conflict, Understanding where there was once Confusion, and a resumed Tranquility where there was once Strife.

2) TO Offer an Original and Unique Perspective on Current Events –

Current events influence the Objectives, so in certain respects by commenting on Current Events I can compliment the first intention of this blog. It is fair to say that I have more of a Libertarian bias, for I believe that God is the highest aspect of life that man seeks to become and in God there is freedom. However, my own personal lifestyle choices thus far have been Conservative in order to reflect a more orthodox Christian outlook.

3) TO Increase Viewer-ship and My Blogroll Community

This will be done not just for some boastful purpose but because I seek to offer a new perspective on the issues that affect our Christian Lifestyle. In order for a real and lasting peace to come about there must be debate and consensus as to what I am writing about and there must be points made that I (flawed and fallible as I am) may not be aware of yet. Of course, as a Christian I believe that the 10 Commandments have validity in particular the Commandment of Having No Other god before God! In other words, the focus of my writing is to make sure that Creator is placed first in this Blog and not his Creation, if I did not do this then there could be no peace because the focus would divide us on the sheer duplicity of Creation.


Posted July 29, 2011 by jimbo9889

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