A Prayer For The People In The Surrounding Community Around Me   Leave a comment

St. John the Apostle

Let it be Your Holy Will FATHER MOST HIGH, that the community around me maybe Healed of its Spiritual Blindness and turn from their errors. May all the actions and events experienced personally and collectively by those in the community around me lead all the more quickly back to You.

Destroy the Prideful notions of Subjectivism, Destroy The Tyranny of Relativism, and be a Reproach to those who would Tolerate the Intolerable. Lord, give me the words and allow me to speak the Truth in Love that Your Kingdom of Objective Truth may come to Humble the Proud, and that Your Kingdom of Illuminating Clarity and Principle may re-establish itself in the Hearts and Minds of Many in the community.

If You will allow it, let those who have realized this prayer find me and those yet to realize this prayer befriend me in Your time. Let this be to Your greater glory and Our Eternal Life, so that Justice and Good Works abound and Your Peace be given to us. At this time I would like to Invoke the powerful aid of St. Jude The Apostle for the state we are in seems difficult and I would like to invoke the powerful aid of Your friend, St. John the Evangelist the Patron of Friendship so that as more people are healed, friendships maybe cultivated in, through, and with Your Presence. AMEN.

St. Jude The Apostle


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