A Prayer For A Substantial Change In Personality   1 comment

St. Jude The Apostle

FATHER in my fallenness I am in need of Your Healing Word, FATHER help me out of my Negative and Despairing Personality, although I know we are to be Humbled if we are to share our life with you I know also that we are Not to live a life of fear, so take it from me, take my fearfully shrunken personality from me.

FATHER if You Will Allow It, give me a Spirit of Realistic Optimism, so that I may become Grounded in Your Spirit and Learn to Love Spontaneity. FATHER help me to better surrender to You so that my weaknesses maybe Supplemented by Your Grace that I may live Love Toward Others, Have Courage in Uncertainty, and Conviction in Your Living Presence.

By Doing this for me may Your Kingdom enter into the Hearts of many and lead to Eternal Life for us. At this time I invoke the aid of St. Jude the Apostle, for my case seems so hopeless at times, for I feel like I will never break out of this old perspective on life yet I know that I do want to. AMEN.


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  1. I have been reading several of your articles, but decided to comment here. Where did you get the pictures of dante’s paradise and the person poking his head through the veil, that are on your home page? Also, I really like all the icons you choose for your articles, especially the St. Jude. That’s the best St. Jude I have seen, and I want to copy it. If you want to email me, you can see my websites with my icons, and maybe you will like to use one to illustrate your article or prayer sometime. “Where I am weak, You are strong.” You can tell that to Him, but it might also help if you listen to Him tell that to you. It will sound like this: “Where you are weak, I am strong.” Your humility, pain and brokenness, and loneliness (Alone with the Alone) can be just the thing to attract His grace, whereas all the mental strategies we use to protect ourselves, can kind of get turned around on themselves. After all, our minds tricked us before, right? We can’t entirely trust our thoughts for that reason. I think I am still too mixed up to help anyone, but my heart really goes out to you, brother. I hope you find the peace you need. If you find that, from God, you will find He is One, simple, Love, flowing peace, which melts your heart and makes you forgive everyone, and love everyone. At the same time, it is safe, because you feel unworthy to be with Him, but for the first time, completely natural, not puffed up, or in despair. But your heart is broken and tears flow. I hope this happens to you sometime, from the Holy Spirit. After awhile, it becomes a way of life, and you always want to be with God in your heart together with Him.n And you will find true communion with Him. Maybe listening to classical music would help. I listen to a lot of music from the pianist Glenn Gould, and I think that helps a lot of people. Ksenia, from KK Icons, of Chester TX (homeschool mom of 3)

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