Contra “The Controlling” Catholic Church: Against the Caricature that The Church fails morally and is merely a business for those High in its Ranks   1 comment

1. Introduction

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.” (1 Corinthians 13:11)

As a child coming of age into young adult years, my Reversion to Catholicism is one marked by an initial hatred for The Catholic Church as I understood it. I was the poster child of Progressive Modernist thought who yet embodied a fierce New Age Protestantism about things pertaining to The Church and the surrounding cultural and spiritual developments that I found myself growing up around in. This series is written to rebuke the writings of my Youth, a sort of self-imposed Penance to atone for my own personal ignorance. The writings of my youth are held on the internet at the Yahoo! Voices website, there are 4 Articles written between July to November 2007, just after my graduation from High School. It should be noted that the rebuke is thematically addressed rather than chronologically answered.

The First Article written in July 2007 was titled, “Christianity Vs. True Christianity: A Problem with the Church?” This article embodied perfectly my Anti-Catholic view influenced by Progressive Modernism, Protestant propaganda yet New Age influences at the time. The Second Article written in August 2007 was title, “Church of Christ: The Church is Not the Real Thing!” This article embodied my confusion and the varieties of cultural propaganda set against the Church, this article sounds most like what I hear today, and that I have come to most fight against today. The Third Article was written in the same month and was titled, “Is the Bible Really Full and Complete?” This article was my argument that the Bible was incomplete and that since it has been left to many revisions it is no longer a trustworthy book, this attack the notion that The Bible was the Complete and Final Word of God. The Fourth and Final Article was written in November 2007 and was titled, “My Road to Christian Gnosticism” Here it is showcased for all to see my love of Heterodoxy and lack of understanding of Orthodoxy, of course in celebrating fighting against the superstitious ignorance of the Church I now confess that I was the one being superstitious and ignorant.



II. My Argument Against My Past Self

When I was younger and more naïve concerning the things of Religion, I saw many pastors and preachers who acted in a manner that compared to a business rather than a spiritual community. In my confusion I saw the Catholic Church as the prime originator of such a corrupt business model, designed for Old Men to make money for themselves at the expense of everyone else around them. I was angry with the Church being too focused on the temporal and thinking that it did not care enough for the Spiritual and Eternal. However, as I got older and began to differentiate and realize that the Church was not a business, I was able to see where the claim had validity and where it did not.

For the most part, anyone who were to think that The Catholic Church is simply a business, would have to explain why the Church is always in debt virtually all of the time, or put another way, if the Church were simply a business its aim would be to make large sums of money like any other large modern corporation and would be eager to tie itself to the State so it can be subsidized further by the State, however Catholic History and Catholic Doctrine points to the complete opposite notion, that The Church operates best when it is not tied to the State. While it is true that The Church is supposed to be seen as a body with Christ at its Head, this Corporation is perceived first and foremost as a Mystical Body not a Politico-Economic Body, with the expressed purpose of Advancing and Acting on The Gospel of its founder, Jesus Christ. Any and all funds are designed to be applied toward that end, hence its numerous networks of Charity Outreach, Monasteries, Schools, and Hospitals.

When we hear stories of immorality, corruption, and money laundering, then we know that those responsible are acting in a manner that does not support the Mission of The Church and is rightfully criticized, but does this mean that The Church by its nature cannot be trusted, that we should just give up on The Church that Christ clearly established because we do not want to be associated with these embarrassing news reports? No, absolutely not, having been exposed to the abundance of Catholic Intellectual, Artistic, Mystical, and Charity Tradition I wouldn’t for a second think about turning around from God and His Church and go back into the confusion of Heterodoxy. I often tell people that The Church is conceived in Grace and is therefore Good in its Essence, composed of members who are sinful, and infiltrated by enemies dedicated enough to take it down from within and without. The Beauty to The Church is that it is a Mystical Body that stretches before it was totally realized on The Day of Pentecost, and in about the past 2000 years exploded in size and has endured revolutions, persecutions, and internal strife more than once, yet despite all of this it still stands and still remains, it is only rational not to burn it to the ground but celebrate it and be grateful for it.

I have heard it said that it is written somewhere in Dante’s The Divine Comedy, a Bishop who knew someone who was not part of the Faith but was seriously considering Converting to it wanted to visit Rome to see the Home of the Church, the Bishop knowing well of the Corruption in Rome, told the potential convert that he should be Baptized before going, out of fear that he would be disgusted by the degree of corruption in The Church. The potential convert refused and went to Rome before Baptism, when he came back the Bishop was shocked to hear that the potential convert wanted to become Baptized despite seeing Rome. The Bishop wanting to know what made him still wanted to convert, asked him why in light of seeing the corruption of Rome he still wanted to be baptized. The convert’s reply, “If the Spirit of God was not upholding this Church it would have fallen apart from all the corruption, the disagreements and all the power of the world, not too long after Christ’s Resurrection.” So it is my reason and my point, there is something behind this Church that keeps it going in spite of all the Human Weakness, Errors and Selfishness. Tell the High Ranking Martyrs of The Church as well or even Peter and Paul about how their suffering was merely some conspiratorial plot to control people. Because of this, I no longer see the Catholic Church as an Organization but as an Organism.

What is an Organization, what is a business plot designed to make money off the naïve credulity of others are all these Protestant, Evangelical, and Charismatic types. Those who have all these Mega-Churches, those who drive off in their personally bought BMW’s, those who don’t care about the Physical Welfare of their fellow man, these are the people who create worldly businesses, these are the people who fail morally, and these are the people who God will declare that He does not know.

It is a very clear fact that most Protestant, Evangelical, and Charismatic denominations are more concerned with the Salvation of the Soul at the expense of the Physical Welfare of those who the Savior told to help, this is because the Protestant relation to the body and the world around is one that is Spirit Obsessive and sees Creation and Physicality as a bad thing (e.g. Puritanism as an example). However, Catholic Morality is one built on the ground up for Love of Creation and Seeing Physicality as a Good Thing, therefore although the Salvation of the Soul is indeed prized we also recognize material care of the body as equally important.

Another delicious irony to this, is that even those New Age people are very much in line with Protestant thought, because rather than focusing on “getting saved” they focus on “getting enlightened” or “achieving nirvana” or some other lofty spiritual goal, but I do not think I have see any of them setting up houses of Charity or putting resources together that would help the Physical Component of the Human Person, the same way that the Catholic Church does. Of course they won’t, because they see the Body as a shell, and if as long as the Spirit is yearning to break free achieves something then the Body can be neglected. New Age thought is also very Protestant in its thinking (or is Protestantism very New Age, Neo-Gnostic in its thinking) as well if you consider that, there’s a strong emphasis on Individual interpretation of the Spiritual.


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