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I have been running this blog for a whole year now and I am pretty impressed with how much I already have posted, but more so with how much I have yet to post as well! It feels good that that I am actually able to have a blog where the diversity of topics can come together now to allow for a lot of writing opportunities. It should be clear by now that Reconciliation and Transcendence allows for the exploration of the many different angles of conflict but also the potential to view the world in a whole new way that goes beyond the old ways of thinking. I look forward to having this blog operate as my own means of expressing my thoughts on the ever changing world around us in light of a more spiritual Christian Theology. The remainder of this year will be getting increasingly more interesting and I look forward to how it will prove itself in many aspects of our lives in this changing world of ours.

Here’s To Hoping That There Will Be a World Left so that I can say that there will be a Two Year Anniversary next year.


Posted August 1, 2012 by jimbo9889 in Blog News

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