A Prayer For A Heavenly Good Life and Prosperity Under God’s Providence   Leave a comment

Our Lady of Good Remedy

FATHER, I know that You desire for me to have all the necessities of life, and that I should not be attached to creaturely things. I ask in all Humility, please either allow me to be prosperous enough that I shall not have to fear debts and expenses or if I should have debts and expenses a way will be made that I will not be tied down very long by them. I ask FATHER most of all then for Discernment and Prudence.

May I be prosperous under Your Providence, that I may be able to cultivate Almsgiving and Generosity, for Your Glory. If You Will Allow It FATHER, may I lead a Good Life that will be able to realize Your Will, all I ask is for Your Wisdom and occasional Consolation. Through this may others be inspired to allow Your Kingdom to come and lodge itself in their Hearts and Minds, so that Our Salvation will be secure. At this time I would like to invoke Our Lady of Good Remedy who St. John of Matha prayed to for the liberation of Christians who were enslaved, and although physical slavery is just about gone, financial slavery is still a very real reality in our world. AMEN.

St. John of Matha


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