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This series is my Lectio Divina, or Divine Reading series, in this series I am going to present to you the reader my experiences with applying Lectio Divina to certain scripture excerpts. Lectio Divina is called Divine Reading for a reason; for it is more contemplative then the typical and casual reading that most people do in a busy day. Divine Reading is meant to speak to your whole being rather than solely the intellectual part of your being. Certain excerpts are large, so they were broken up into smaller pieces to respect the key contemplative aspect of this ancient practice; these are the notes which I made in light of each Lectio Divina reading. I used the Orthodox Study Bible for Reading and for its commentary on scriptural entries in order to begin the first and move into the second part of the process.

Proverbs 1:20-24

“Wisdom preaches abroad, she utters her voice in the streets: At the head of multitudes she cries out, in the entrance of the gates of the city she utters her words, saying: O children, how long will you love childishness, and fools covet those things which are hurtful to themselves, and the unwise hate knowledge? Turn at my reproof: behold I will utter my spirit to you, and will show you my words. Because I called, and you refused: I stretched out my hand, and there was none that regarded.”

According to The Orthodox Study Bible the Commentary reads for this section, “Wisdom, who is Christ (The Logos), illuminates and teaches… Wisdom is present everywhere and is in all things, seeking to draw all to Himself and then point to God the Father. Wisdom produces in those who follow it: Courage, Righteousness, and Perception. Those who do not heed Wisdom shall produce only their own Arrogance which will lead to Ungodliness, yet calls all to Repentance.”

While applying the Lectio Divina to this scripture reading I intuited that since The Wisdom of God is found everywhere and in everything, even ideas to varying degrees have Wisdom to them. The point of course is discernment; only through the Discerning of Spirits will anyone be able to see where God is in any created thing (whether tangible or intangible). Our age is an age no longer dedicated to Pagan Polytheistic Gods of Nature, rather our age is an age marred by the idolatry of ideology, we live for ideas and worship them whether Good or Evil, they are powerful things a testimony to God’s Presence in these intangible creatures. However that’s just the problem they are creatures and we elevate them above us, ideas were created to serve man not man to serve ideas. Therefore, it makes sense to only worship the One True Living God and ask for the Grace to discern wisely various ideas we come into contact with so that we my distill the Good from the erroneous evil found in the ideas we come into contact with.

While doing this reading I felt compelled to consider the words, “Wisdom Sings in the Streets, moving boldly in the Squares.” We must consider the imagery and meaning of a City, The Public, what the symbolic representation of Public Square as it relates to Wisdom presents to us, when I think back to the days of Antiquity and picture “the public square” I tend to think of the Greek Agora, or marketplace. However, there was more than mere mercantile exchange going on, there were 2 other major actions going on there as well: (1) Spontaneous Organization and (2) Dialog over issues more profound than just gold coins and wine. What is my point? Wisdom is present in all these things from the Prudence of mercantile exchanges to the perceptive depth of Philosophical Dialog that happened there as well. The problem is we go through life with a very material, linear, and superficial perspective and cannot perceive the actions of Wisdom in a place so common and seemingly mundane. Therefore, it makes sense that when we pray we ask for the Grace to be Perceptive to Wisdoms Presence so that we may embody the Spirit of Wisdom but also that we may become sensitive to Wisdoms Presence even in places that seem mundane and uneventful.

Personally I came to the personal insight that, one needs to be mindful of their suffering when they know it was guided by a very aggressive selfishness. When we can see the fruits of our own selfishness we know that majority of the time, we feel like we either suffered greatly or caused others to suffer greatly for that which we attained. These moments are those moment where we are called to Repent, to do a 180-Degree turn. When we suffer we should learn to see these moments as opportunities to endure and surrender, rather than flee from it. During this reading one begins to understand that obedience to the Words of Wisdom one receives Perception and Righteousness. Righteousness has more to do with a Subtle Rightness than some Juridical proceeding, that one is heading down a path that is strange because the person intuits something more being present than back when they lived for the world instead of God.

Yet ultimately we must recognize that all is a gift, one rooted in God’s Love for His Creatures, the only way we can be open to it is Humbled Love of God, our actions are more so Actions of Loving Synergism with the God who loves us rather than meriting the Grace, which we cannot do. Such Synergism, such “Signs of Solidarity” are at their root Sacrificial in nature. If God is analogized as a Spouse, then would you (who are married or desire to be) not cooperate with your spouse, by showing your spouse Signs of Solidarity between each other for a common purpose, namely Love through some symbolic action of sacrifice? So it is with God, if we want God to help us we ought to show (a) gesture(s) that makes it clear through giving something up so that we can cooperate with the Spirit in achieving a mutually desired end. I have heard it said that, when the freedom of mankind fully cooperates with the Grace and Will of God that is when Miracles occur.


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