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Although my blog is a subtle expression of my Autodidactic Lifestyle, I am creating another sub-category to me Objectives, called “Autodidactic Record” this record will contain Questions and Speculations regarding the notes that I took for the notes that I have read. This sub-category will serve as a more direct expression of my aim to live a better Autodidactic mindset. The physical copy of the notes that I have are stored in a Medici Family Crescent Book, I was rather elated once I bought it since I liked its design and it just called out to me, this blog will hopefully serve as an additional place to store those notes and questions for future use.

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For those who are curious, after taking the time to consider how I was going to format my journal I decided that I would test out and follow a modified version of the Two-Column Format. Typically they say, that on on the shorter left hand column you write a key word, ideas, people or events and on the right hand column you write your describing notes of those key words, ideas, people or events. However, my modification is that at the end of each chapter I would have a section dedicated to asking questions, not necessarily to be critical but perhaps to further expand and elucidate further, although I am not saying that asking questions critical of chapter you read is bad, but to read in the hopes of deepening the initial understanding is a better path to go.


Posted June 17, 2012 by jimbo9889 in Autodidactic Record, Blog News

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