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Christ As Teacher


Just prior to my Sacramental Reversion to Catholicism, I did an Examination of Conscience in keeping in line of what is Right and Proper in order to Receive The Sacrament of Reconciliation. The Prayer written below highlights my Request for Grace so as to not repeat the same mistakes twice, as with anything the only sure safe guard against not repeating the sins of our past is The Love of God. Nonetheless, this Penitential Prayer I have written is for the sake of the viewer to see that the Religious Life is both a push away from something lower and a pull toward something higher.


The Prayer

Father Most High Hear My Prayer, That I Become Orthodox in Worship and Catholic in Person:

If it is Your Will that I participate in the Tridentine Latin Mass or Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Catholic Rite, Then Let It Be.

If it is Your Will, Teach Me, Show Me, Help Me To Understand Prayer & The Art of Surrendering to Your Holy Will. Help me become more perceptive to Your Will.

If You Will allow it, May the advice I give – to those whom favor me and those influenced by me – always come from and lead back to You.

Let it be Your Will Father Most High, That I maybe Chaste and True To Church Teaching on Human Sexuality. May the reward of such Faithfulness be Consummate Love With Another.

Father God even though the weak, broken, lonely, and sick have a special place Your Heart, I ask that You may safeguard my health throughout my life.

Father, in being faithful to you be faithful to me, and help me understand The Church You established and its teachings. May I get to Church once a week and partake of Your Body and Blood in a Pure Conscience.

If You Will allow it, put in my a Spirit of Devotion that is Keen, Intent, and Willing to the Spiritual Life.

Madonna Icon with Christ

Father Most High Hear My Prayer, That I May Adore You Rightly and That You May Show Me Through Your Light The Proper Use of Perspectives:

May Your Grace come upon me that, I maybe Just With All and Give Time Accordingly To Others.

If You Will allow it, may I always be Honest, Sincere, and Empathic in my interactions with others.

Let it be Your Will Father Most High that, I be Content and Grateful with what I’ve already been given and yet to be given. Let it not stop there Father, give me the Wisdom to help others celebrate and give thanks for what is theirs.

Father God let it be Your Will, that You Teach Me and Illuminate My Being Able To Trust You. In my weakness let me Love You more; In my egotism help me become Inspired, Realistic, and Involved in the Divine Life.

The Synaxis of the Archangels Icon

Father Most High Hear My Prayer, That I May Have The Grace and The Will To Love My Enemies and Reconcile Parts of the Fundamentalist, Irreligious, and Shallow Lifestyles of this World:

If it is Your Will, Grant Me The Humility, The Grace, and The Will to be Hospitable toward all ideas and perspectives, so that the Seeds of Truth maybe Liberated from Error, that Wisdom may increase and be shared

May it be Your Will that, when I non-violently resist specific individuals it only brings them back closer to You.

Through The Intercessions of Your Son Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mother Mary, The Multitude of Angels, The Saints and Martyrs I Faithfully and Lovingly Pray With The Hope of these Prayers Being Heard and Answered. Amen.

If you wish to use this prayer, read it first intellectually really try to understand it on its own sake and then how it relates to you, once you have done so successfully pray this prayer. God Bless!


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