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In light of my previous post regarding a life of productivity and creativeness I am going to create a new category in the Objectives called: “Creative Expression” this is something I intend to share with the viewer in order to show that the Life of a Practicing Christian is not one of Monotony and Obsessive Solemnity but rather Spontaneity, Creativity, and Inspiration. Much of my writings done under this section will be rooted in the work I do with the help and inspiration of: Thinkertoys, Creative Thinkering, and The Accidental Creative.

The fruits of anything under this category of writing are meant to be share with everyone, so that way they too may take part in inspiration and and creativity, in truth most good ideas and insights typically do derive from previous insights as well, I tend to hold to the view that, “When two or more independent insights cross a new philosophy is born.” However, I would add an addendum, that when 2 or more independent creative ideas come together in a seemingly effortless and anticipatory way, an even greater creation is called into existence. See Steven Johnson’s “Where Good Ideas Come From”


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