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My Creativity was recorded in this book which I bought while at Barnes and Nobles one day:

Click on the Image to buy from Barnes and Nobles

This 8″ x 11″ Sketchbook is a very good size for jotting down ideas and doing the exercises founded in the books I mentioned in the previous post. The Format I used for the Book sought to maximize creative space with as little detailed description as possible, all that is contained in the Upper Left Corner is:

Part #, Chapter #
Aim/Project Undertaken

Brief Description of The Techniques The Chapter Talks About

I than dedicate a certain number of pages for the Chapter at hand that will last for the week. I know that in the First Book, ThinkerToys there are in total 39 Chapters each one for 7 Days worth of work will equal to 273 Pages as a Minimum, therefore, I know I will need at least 2 Sketchbooks to complete this particular book, since one Sketchbook has 192 Pages. I will probably need about 5 Sketchbooks to complete all 3 books that I mentioned in the previous section, depending on work intensity.


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