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In todays world it is often popularized that Christians Support the Modern Israeli State, and that our actions in the region are rooted in such a foreign policy of defending Israel. However, this view is found wanting, not all Christians and Jews support the existence of the modern Israeli State. This comes back down of course to a discussion of fundamentalism in America specifically and the West in general. It should be fair to point out however that I am not Anti-Semitic, I am not a White Supremacist or anything of that nature, but in the pursuit of Truth and Justice, as well as Mercy this issue must be addressed.

The Modern Israeli State and The Effects on Christians In The Region

Because of the ignorance of these Fundamentalist, and their vain and blind pursuit to trigger the Second Coming, they do not know what they do to Christians who live in this part of the world. Perhaps they do not consider them Christians, but they are closer to area in the world where Christ walked then most of these American Fundamentalist Pastors will ever come to be. Also what of the Muslims there that are forced out of there homes and maltreated in the Gaza Strip? Christians are called to Fight for Justice and have Mercy toward all, not just themselves but everyone around them. These fundamentalist who dare to act like “Christians” divorce themselves from such a call when they desire to tie themselves to the very Coalitions and Complex that seeks to continue the Injustice and Severity.

Because of Our War on Terror and desire to essentially force “Freedom and Democracy” on a people not yet ready for such concepts, fueled in part by a fear of “Islamofascism” having its fear rooted in the foundations of the Dominionist and Dispensationalist Christian Mindset, we see Christians Suffering in Countries like Syria, Palestine, and Iraq.

In Iraq after the battle to liberate the Iraqi people and give them freedom, democracy certainly had arrived, the largely Muslim population has essentially forced many Christians out of the country, whatever Christians remain find a hard life ahead of them, some will even be killed by more fundamentalist and extremist Muslims in the Nation. It is here we learn what democracy really means, it means the majority threaten the minority. In Iraq there is no rule of law, and we are merely occupiers propping up a puppet state, because it will end up serving a Strategic Interest in the Region (e.g. Resources for our empire abroad and Bases for its next door neighbor we have been dying to go to war with for a while now: Iran). You can see how my previous article concerning Christianity and the Military informs this article even better, after all the Christian Dominionist’s seek to merge Corporate and Religious Power to effectively control or at least influence political power for their own vision of the world.

In Syria, with the Ongoing Revolution there the situation has gotten so bad that a Chaldean Catholic Bishop warned people that the uprising was not about “Democracy and Freedom” but rather about control and essentially radicalizing the country into Islam. He warned that if the Revolutionaries win control in the nation, the same situation that played out in Iraq for Christians will play out the same in Syria. These revolutions however are “blowback” for all the years we fought against them, for all the years we did not hear them, and for all the suffering we caused them. We can learn a lesson here, true freedom lies not in empowering the masses, but in protecting the minority from the majority’s changing whims and fancies.

Finally we arrive closer to the very direct involvement that the Modern Israeli State has on Christians and Muslims who live there. Israel has turned Palestine into a broken geography, it has uprooted and destroyed lives. Whether we look to Israel’s Denying of Humanitarian Aid in recent years to the Palestinians living in Gaza Strip (probably now the worlds largest concentration camp because its conditions are so poor) to the fact that Israel uses Eminent Domain to evict people from land that is rightfully theres, in the name of Settlement Building. Yet these fundamentalist Christians in America, who have bought into the lies of a Corporate-Congressional-Religious Beast in America will blindly and willfully go on supporting these evils, all in the name of thinking that they can force the Hand of God into bringing about the Second Coming of Christ.

But what about Israel and Israelis, how do they treat Christians, and how do the Israelites perceive the actions being done in their names? Like in any Western Country, there is pluralism, some wish to come in support of Palestine, to at least give Palestine better treatment seeing the suffering that is caused by their own government. However there are those who truly believe in The Tribe of Israel and think themselves more superior then the rest of us, such a superiority complex if I could put it into perspective is akin to the hatred that Southerns had toward African Americans after the Civil War, they hate them plain and simple. These people do not care if they are Muslims or Christians, if they are not by blood part of The Tribe then they are to die or at the very least be seen as 2nd Class Citizens if not lower. I have two videos here, one to show how Christians are treated by the Right-Wing Israelites and another that shows how Israelites attack Israelites to show no bias in my work:

Disclaimer: Do NOT Mistake Me For Being Anti-Semetic

As the subtitle suggests, do not take as an Anti-Semite. How can I hate the very race of people from which I know my savior came from, let alone hate anyone at all for hatred is what poisons so much in this world. It is because I am against hatred that I write this post, because I am moved to compassion to write about and support the cause of the oppressed, the hungry, and the humiliated. The last video from the previous section of this post, showed “True Torah” Jews are Against the Existence of the Israeli State. The name of this group is called, “Neturei Karta International” in my search to find the best foreign policy for peace, I came across this group back in 2010, and I found it to be an irony at the time, however they do have an intellectual base of Rabbis who make legitimate claims that the Jewish people are not meant to rule themselves, they are supposed to be in a state of exile until the Messiah comes (Christian Theology not withstanding, of course). They are heckled and cursed at by Christian and Jewish Zionists for their work, but in the end it shows that this issue is more complicated then at first believed.

Therefore, if we can breakdown the Intellectual Wall that sustains the Christian Zionist Movement, through challenging the Fundamentalist Christian Notion of Dispensationalism, we can also dismantle the support for Christian Dominionism which allows for justification [in part] of our inhumane foreign policy in the region as well as the oppressive agenda they have set domestically. We must always be vigilant and suspicious of watering down of tradition, this blog was humbly created to educate people on the deeper tradition and to show the ironies and paradoxes that are not typically shown by our media. If someone thinks I am being biased against Israel, because of the Christians who live under an oppressive situation because of our involvement in the region, then let them . . . I will point out to them that we have the fundamentalists who think that they can force the Hand of God and think that such suffering in the area is okay, because the ends will justify the means: This is not a Christian Notion mind you, according to The Catechism of the Catholic Church!

“A good intention (for example, that of helping one’s neighbor) does not make behavior that is intrinsically disordered, such as lying and calumny, good or just. The end does not justify the means. Thus the condemnation of an innocent person cannot be justified as a legitimate means of saving the nation. On the other hand, an added bad intention (such as vainglory) makes an act evil that, in and of itself, can be good (such as almsgiving).” – #1753


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