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In todays world it is often popularized that Christians Support the Modern Israeli State, and that our actions in the region are rooted in such a foreign policy of defending Israel. However, this view is found wanting, not all Christians and Jews support the existence of the modern Israeli State. This comes back down of course to a discussion of fundamentalism in America specifically and the West in general. It should be fair to point out however that I am not Anti-Semitic, I am not a White Supremacist or anything of that nature, but in the pursuit of Truth and Justice, as well as Mercy this issue must be addressed.

What Is Dispensationalism and Why Is It Wrong?

What dominate America’s foreign policy is Interventionism and Imperialism. War will always need a “suitable” justification, in our Post-9/11 World that Justification comes from “Islamofascism,” but it also comes from another notion,one left in the background that informs “Christians” in high places of their foreign policy, that idea is called: Dispensationalism, and at the heart of it is a dangerous notion, in order to bring about the Second Coming these people seek to realize all the destruction and chaos that comes before Christs Return, one of these signs before the Second Coming is Israel being brought together in the End of Days. The many vehicle that allows them to realize there Dispensationalist vision is the idea called, Dominionism, and at the heart of that is the desire to organize fundamentalist elements within western nations [particularly in America] and essentially seize power to enforce a Foreign Policy that would allow the Dispensationalist Vision to be realized while essentially enforcing a socially conservative code grounded in the fundamentalist understanding of Biblical Law.

It is well-known that Elements within the Israeli Government are in alliance with Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians, who adhere to the notions of Dispensationalism. Dominionism is at its root, a kind of American Fascism. It has been said that, “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.” (Attribution to Sinclair Lewis or Huey Long) Author Christopher Hedges in an interview with Democracy Now says,

“[The term “Dominionist”] come out of Genesis, you know, where God gives humankind dominion over creation… And so, that power structure of the family with the dominant male and everyone else submissive is replicated in the megachurches, which oftentimes — and I’ve been in many over the last two years — revolve around cults of personality… What they’ve done is acculturate the Christian religion with the worst aspects of American imperialism and American capitalism. And there’s that kind of uneasy alliance with many of these corporate interests. But it serves their turn.”

It should be clear by now why it is wrong. Those who love liberty, must be against both the Dispensationalist and Dominionist perspective. In our popular American Culture however, because of the merger with Corporate and Religious Power, these superficial views and understandings do not allow for depth and understanding, because these people have only come into existence within the past 100 years or so. This explains also why people mock and are suspicious of Christianity as well because of this merger with the Status Quo, and all the evils and sufferings it is responsible for. Its deceiving and Christopher Hedges goes on to agree by saying in the same interview that,

“I mean, when you’re creating the corporate state, it’s very convenient to have an ideology that says, ‘Don’t worry. You don’t need health insurance, because if you have enough faith, Jesus will cure you. It doesn’t matter if all of your jobs are outsourced and there are no labor unions, because, you know, God takes care of his own. And not only that, but God will make you materially wealthy.’ This is, you know, the gospel of prosperity. So, essentially, what we’ve seen is that fusion between those who want to build a corporate state and this ideological movement that thrusts believers who come out of deep despair into a world of magic and miracles and angels.”

I have hear a video of Chris Hedges discussing the Nature of the extreme Religious Right:

New Israel: The Church or The Geographical Location?

The Fundamentalist element in this country, believes that The New Israel is a geographical location rather then a Mystical Body. However, no early Christian believes that the New Israel would be a geographical location, it is only when the desire for riches and power takes charge does the New Israel become a geographical location, otherwise it is understood as a Mystical Body of True Believers in God. The Church was not founded in 30 AD, but existed alongside Tribal Israel since the beginning, even when Tribal Israel itself had sinned against God. What happened in 30 AD was that God desired the world to share in Salvation, that Salvation was no longer going to be restricted to a biological inheritance but rather a Spiritual Rebirth for mankind. The Jews thought that The Messiah was going to come and use physical weapons to conquer the whole world and force it to submit under God once again, but instead this humble man from the backwaters of a World Power rises up takes the worst of the world and says non-violently conquers the sin and negativity of the world and 3 days later conquers death itself. These so-called “Christians” are thinking like the Biblical Jews, that someone needs to rise up to reunite the world by force and make it submit to its God-Image.

Through this His Church was founded, and the call to evangelization went Global. It was revealed that such Global Salvation was inevitable, for God made all of mankind and out of His Love for His Creation He desired to make salvation available to them all. This is why the New Israel is not a Geographical Location, but the Mystical Assembly of the Living, the Dead, the Angels, the Saints, and the Sinners. The Church is the Body that is dedicated to God, not some geographical location whom which Christ says, is no longer at the Temple in Jerusalem.


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