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In this article I wanted to take the time to expand on my concerns of Fundamentalism. The particular concern of today is describing how Religious Fundamentalism is not the height of Religious Worship but rather the most earthly form of Religious Worship. I believe that because it Fundamentalism is the more lower form of Religious Worship, it is for those who are more spiritually immature, those who are happy with superficial and surface understandings, but as I pointed out in a previous article, in a fast-paced age of consumerism, it seems we do not have a lot of time to contemplate upon the Lord and His Word.

Fundamentalism As A Reflection Of Our Culture

I came across a rather funny yet true post from IdentityTheory.Com and it offered a brief commentary to the “monster of a businessman” Joel Osteen book: “Become A Better You: 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day” the commentary was telling, and I was in very large agreement with what was written, namely that Osteen’s Brand of Christianity is at its root Spiritual Escapism, the post goes on to say that,

“The reason [Osteen is] so popular is because of the spiritual infantilism of America. Not just spiritual, the infantilism of American culture,” Anthony says. “And he feeds the Paris Hilton, Britney Spears culture. It’s all me. Benefit me. What can I do for me? How can I feel better? What can I do about me? How you can get the best of your life? It’s all me-centered.”

Spiritual Infantilism pervades our culture from RealityTV to the Music we listen to and the Movies we watch, there should be no wonder that there is a positive correlation between Fundamentalism Being on the Rise in Our Culture [of the predominantly Christian Kind] and Spiritual Infantilism pervading every aspect of our culture. The two are complimentary to each other, in a perverse way they live for each other, through one the other is probable, as the first part of this post explained. I think back to Bill Maher’s film Religulous, in which he shows some of the far and wide naivety and gullibility of those ill-informed Christians in the matters of The Faith. One particular woman in the trailer struck me with the archetypal naivety and gullibility that I am speaking of and it was a woman who thought that at the Second Coming of Christ she’d be on the White Horse with Christ.

*SIDE NOTE* – I do NOT like the film Religulous for its Anti-Religion and Condescension, but it does expose some of the utter insanity and instability of those individuals who are outside of Tradition and honor Christ with their lips but whose Heart is far from Him. Lets not even go into the other Religions that he tries to knock down.

Spiritual Infantilism is the Arrested Development of ones intellectual, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the Human Being. However, the basis to this problem is rooted in two human problems, the first being Egomania which is an excessive love or admiration of oneself (Narcissism) or even a disorder characterized by self-obsession, lack of empathy, and a feeling of being worthless while attempting to get things to reconfirm your sense of worth. The second human problem is Illiteracy, now say what you want, yes we know how to read and write now more then any other time in History, however, what does our society and culture emphasize? Does it tell us to read and write, does it tell us to think or does it tell us that reading, writing, and thinking are boring, actions that are too hard and vain anyway? Well I have seen and heard alot more of the latter and never enough of the former!

Therefore, yes we know how to read and write, and after some education we could learn how to think properly as well however we do not use it, this therefore makes us Illiterate in another sense, namely, being ignorant or unknowledgable in a particular subject or field or even worse the inability to understand and draw out the larger more comprehensive meaning in events and communication.

What is Spiritual Infantilism but, “anything that retards the healthy development of maturity by attachment to infantile behavior for self-gratification” (aka Egomania) and “artificial simplification, the denial of growing, of education, of having the experience of growth, of development–that is, all of which we call in childhood the preparation for life, the mental, emotional, and physical maturation” (aka Illiteracy of the Ignorant and Inability to Understand or Draw Out the Larger, more Comprehensive Kind).

What is Fundamentalism but, the removal of the tradition and relying solely on the book, but in doing this they make a new religion under the banner of so-called “Christianity” without knowing what the words, phrases, and allegories mean on one hand (aka Illiteracy, again) and in doing so water-down the tradition to a mere social, economic, or political message for which they organize in order to force what they think is right through the political apparatus (aka Egomania) and in the process believe it is God’s Will, confusing the Egoic Will with the Divine Will. Therefore, this is why I believe that Fundamentalism is not the height or purest expression of Religious Devotion and Worship but rather the lowest, worldly, and corrupted [seemingly infantile] expression of Religious Devotion and Expression which leads to untransformed believers who think they have been transformed and thus saved and who also think that they are superior.

Additional Source: (1) Arrested Mental and Spiritual Development – From this stemmed the “Arrested Development” paragraph above and I recommend that in order to get a better understanding of Spiritual Infantilism at least as it relates to the psychological and intellectual aspects of ones life one becomes aware of and understands Bloom’s Taxonomy of Understanding. From which you could understand why I feel that the Fundamentalist is intellectually and psychological stunted at the first stage of Bloom’s Taxonomy but cannot progress further then that, because it has divorced itself from the Interpretative Tradition that wrote the book in the first place.


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