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When you do not have a car of your own and you rely on the bus to get you to and fro in Suburbia you see many things. Well about a month ago or so, I had seen something rather interesting while waiting for the bus to take me home at the bus terminal. I saw a group of 3 Christians evangelizing, my guess is that they were Born-Again Christians however not the Christians of True Spirituality. However it was not on TV that I saw this rather, I was in the scene, I was right there to see it come to pass. It was in the moments leading up to the arrival of the Bus that I had an epiphany. In order to tell you what it is however, I think it is smart to flashback to that scene so you might be able to understand.

The Epiphany

I was sitting on a bench outside waiting for the bus, minding my business and listening to my music on my MP3 Player. Suddenly out of nowhere I hear someone shouting, “Be Saved By The Blood of Jesus Christ!” I was intrigued, me being a person interested in theology and so pausing the music on my MP3 Player [but keeping my earplugs in my ears] I listened to him attempt to preach to the people waiting for their buses to arrive.

The person preaching began to tell us first his personal story, of how through Jesus he was able to forgive his biological father and relinquish all his hate and violence that he had to put up with growing up. After that, the person preaching began to tell us, that we were not meant to live this life this way but to live it for something more. Now keep in mind the bus terminal is not in some up-scale neighborhood, it is in Hempstead, NY a neighborhood that is more so lower class, filled with diverse ethnicities. So as you can imagine those whose values are on the world yet who are in worldly terms on the lower end of the socio-economic scale are those who he is talking to. Then he began to speak faster saying, “Only by the Body and Blood of Christ will you be saved and find joy! I ask that those who want to be blessed come unto me, for the Holy Spirit dwells in all who are saved!”

Keep in mind while he was talking and saying that however, those who were being preached to responded either with a “just look away attitude” or pretending not to listen by doing other things. The one thing that stood out from all of this though was this old man with a hunched back who was strolling this cart filled with things away from the proselytizers. It seemed symbolic of course, at least in my eyes but I will explain this later.

While halfway in his speech I looked to my right and saw these rather libertine looking women who were trying to show off as much of their bodies as was legal. I saw other people whose facial expression and bodily posture and movement suggested depression, sadness, and even despair, but they were not these things because of the preaching they were yet to know who the preacher was or what this person was talking about. Nonetheless when they knew what was happening they to responded with a “look busy” body language. The symbolism was rich and powerful in my mind, a mind that always tries to find God in the moment.

Toward the end of this preachers evangelization work they disappeared into my peripheral vision and I resume listening to my MP3 Player, I could hear him still talking but not as loud and then my bus came. As I proceeded to my bus, I knew why he was still talking, he was arguing with 2 anti-religionists individuals. It was of course my luck to have gotten on the same bus as these 2 Anti-Religionists individuals. The first man went to the back of the bus, the other man to the front of the bus and I was more so in the middle. The way the bus is made, those who sit far back enough are elevated while those who have no seats to sit on are usually standing up front, so here was me lowlier in between two men who were elevated: the symbolism was rich indeed.

But their conversation was such they self-congratulated one another for putting “another believer in his place.” The man behind me said, “God created all things, then he created even the evil things as well, disasters, pedophile priests, and death too!” The other man in front of me said, “They are only propagating possibly the biggest lie that ever passed by humanity.” Of course pointing at the notion of God, Spirituality, and Religion. Then the guy at the front in all of his sureness, said rather boastfully and victoriously to the other man, “I Bid You Good Eve!” and got off the bus. For the rest of the day I wondered why I didn’t come to the young evangelists aid, but now looking back on it I think I can give answer why.


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