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Today is a solemn day indeed, it is not like recent years, Today is the 10th Anniversary from this Generations Pearl Harbor. Much has happened in a decades time, I think it is fitting now more then any other time to reflect on this day. I think it is time that we reflect on that day and to ask ourselves if it changed us in anyway. I think it is time that we reflect on the affects and events following that day as well. It is only fair that we give voice to that day, and to recognize both a sense of Justice that must be had for that day as well as a sense of Compassion that must be had following that day. In that moment of Silence, what will you be doing and thinking?

Personal Reflection on the Day

That day [as it did for most] started out as any other Early September Day, warm and sunny. I was beginning 7th Grade and I was in class, in particular I was in Chorus and we were rehearsing a new song for the Winter Concert. But our rehearsing was interrupted, when another Chorus teacher came in to tell us, “A Plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.” We of course we all thought it was a terrible accident, but then it was learned after that class ended, that another plane had hit both the other World Trade Center tower as well as The Pentagon. At this point it became apparent to us, that it wasn’t an accident but we were under attack. By the time I had gotten to my lunch period, me and the rest of the lunchroom were all wondering who could have attacked us, many of us didn’t know in terms of “terrorist cells” but we thought in terms of Countries, so some of us thought Russia, some China, and others thought Iraq, most of us never heard of a country called Afghanistan, we knew of Pakistan because of the kids whose parents were Pakistani, but not Afghanistan. Normally we were allowed outside to play out in the field, but not this day, and me in my childlike naiveté asked, “Why Not?” I was given a reason that seemed justifiable enough, yet not true, we were told that “they put chemicals on the grass,” but as I look back on it, I know that the real reason was largely because of the State of Emergency that we were in and the school wanted to keep us all close together in case something else should happen that day.

When I got home, I saw for the first time the utter destruction and suffering that was caused on that day. I was at a loss, I had seen in the news bombs going off in foreign countries, but this trumped them all! An entire city in chaos and smoke now that was something never seen before in my time. It was as we watched the news that we began to learn what it meant to go through a terrorist attack, and we began to learn who could have been responsible, by the time evening came that night, we learned what a “terrorist cell” was, we learned who “Osama Bin Laden” was, and we learned where “Afghanistan” was. It was clear we were going to war, against a new enemy, and that America would be changed forever by it. When I got back to school the following day, I had heard of people in my school who lost loved ones on that day, the most tragic case I heard was one student who lost both parents, and for the rest of the day and a considerable portion of that year, getting revenge on Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qeada was the word of the hallway and war was cool. Sometimes I wonder if the people who run our country are no different then the 7th Graders who were around me that day, but I like virtually all other Americans that day, was swept up by Patriotism and Calling to Have Justice for the Previous Days Events.

Personal Reflection on the Past 10 Years

The Month following that day, We Went to War in Afghanistan to find and if possible persecute Osama Bin Laden and we all supported this action, even some of the most principled people gave the thumbs to Find this Man and Bring Him to Justice! The whole Civilized World was behind us, to catch these Criminals, worst off, these fundamentalist barbarians. It was cool to support War, it was Patriotic to do so! But then America, went down a path that seemed, un-American we began to get involved too much and get too invested in building a new nation.

Worst off, by this time, America was going to open up another Flash-point this time in Iraq and I like most people believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction, people who had voiced in opposition to this war I thought they were nuts and anti-American, if there are weapons in Iraq we must find them so we or others do not suffer another 9/11 also America is a Free Country and we are Liberators and as such we will Liberate these oppressed people from a Tyrant in the process, who would be so stupid to be against this?

As the weeks after the invasion turned to months, there were no weapons of mass destruction to be found, after Saddam had been ousted the only thing to be found was chaos and lawlessness. I felt betrayed and angry, and began to suspect that we had been lied to by our own government, in order to justify a needless war. I had learned later on that the first things that America secured was Saddam’s oilfields while the looters had their way with everything else. But this wasn’t everything.

As months turned to years, I became increasingly aware of how un-American America had become. I witnessed the Rise of the Police State in America, cameras, metal detectors, checkpoints, the militarization of the police, privacy violations and constitutional violations in America, all in the name of a safe and secure society. Of course it wasn’t that much longer until I heard the quote from Benjamin Franklin who said that, “Those who give up liberty in the name of safety, will gain neither and lose both.” America had began losing touch with its own heritage since the days following of 9/11 by becoming that which it condemned and it was being done under a guise of Nationalism and Justice via the Media.

As I began to be weary of My Own Government I needed to explain it, I needed some type of Universal Explanation and thats when I ran into Conspiracy Theories, specifically those of Alex Jones and his InfoWars and when I saw his video before 9/11 predicting that something was going to happen in the month of September 2001, I was hooked, how does this random person from Texas know about this, but our own government did not? I didn’t believe it, and my trust in my government from that point was severed. Alex Jones provided me with some intellectual basis, some way to explain the failures of government and those in power for a time. I am grateful still for having viewed his material for it has allowed me to have a basis in something. Upon entering that realm I got sucked into it pretty deep and started viewing other conspiracy theory-based media.

It got to a certain point when toward the end in High School I began to feel like as if I had to tell people, but I couldn’t bring myself to be so direct like the 9/11 Protesters or Alex Jones, so I took up an informal way of spreading this news and informing those in my community. It was in 2007 that I really began to post on my Facebook which had existed the previous year but was inactive at that time. It was in 2007 that I also discovered Ron Paul through Alex Jones. That was a big year for me, I graduated High School and I discovered a real intellectual base that was not only supporting my original position of being skeptical toward government but yes it even had undone other notions as well as giving me something new to learn. This new thing was called, Libertarianism and its Institution was The Ludwig von Mises Institute it was a breath of fresh air from the propaganda that they taught us both in school and affirmed on the TV.

Ron Paul predicted in the beginning of 2008 that our Unconstitutional Government and Interventionism Abroad and in the Economy was going to lead to an economic collapse unless we allowed Liberty within the Marketplace and Social situations in peoples personal lives*. By the Fall of 2008 Ron Paul was right, the Panic which nearly put us into a major global depression had occurred and this made me take Ron Paul all the more seriously in and of himself. I understood at this point that Ron Paul was the next best hope for Restoring America to its True Foundations, however as time based I took up various Anti-State Philosophies as well. Ron Paul would undo the lies and the unneeded suffering caused by our current regime. As Barack Obama took office and the “Kool-Aid” started to wear out more and more people started to see how Ron Paul was right, more and more people were starting see how most politicians who get elected whether from the Right or The Left belong to the same Established Powers that Be! (It is like as if America is being guided by these Powers to a certain end, how Americans choose to get there finds expression in False Left-Right Paradigm) However, Ron Paul has consistently fought against these powers for his ENTIRE Political Career.

In 2010 I was motivated to Join Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty Organization and help in my local chapter to advance the cause of Liberty! Enter into this year, Osama Bin Laden is believed to be dead, killed by our Special Forces and we celebrated His Death, yet there seems to be a moral failing from Celebrating the death of a person out of revenge even though I confess I was caught up in the fervor as well, but when I took the time to reflect on this I saw this more as inhuman thing to do. Yet what is the price for getting this one man who was hiding like a coward in a compound, old and sick anyway? The list is long but to shorten it it would look like this:

– A Government Bloated far behind Recognition! Both Domestically and Abroad!
– Special Interests and Political Power Merged into One!
– A Recognizable Paramilitary Presence in America!
– Several Thousands of Innocent Civilians and US Soldiers Dead!
– Personal Liberty Virtually Lost!
– A Controlled Media Designed To Sell You The Idea From The Special Interests Themselves!
– A Collective Cognitive Dissonance between the Principle of Liberty in America and Those Trying To Defend Liberty to Point of Regulating It Away!
– Runaway Borrowing, Spending, Inflation, and Economic Deterioration!
– High Suicide Rates and Psychological Trauma as well as Bodily Mangling on Our Returning Veterans!

This is NOT what America is supposed to become. These things were never meant to happen, and I believe could never have happened without the events of that day which I am calling you to reflect upon. I had never read the 9/11 Commission Report, but according to Ron Paul who has read it, one of the reasons why we were attacked that day was Government Interventionism abroad. Well I see a repeating theme here, Government Interventionism in a lot of things tends to make things more chaotic, more violent, more destructive, and more impoverished. The greatest reflection I give for the past 10 Years is this: Isn’t time that we try something different? Maybe instead of insanely repeating the mistakes of government interventionism in all things we should really try something new and that is have government act in a non-interventionist manner toward all things, whether abroad or domestically.


So to return to my point earlier, has that day changed us in anyway? Well for some of us it has changed us most positively, for some of us it has changed us most negatively. For some of us, we are not even here to reflect and give an answer following the events that shaped our world since that day. For me, it has changed me, and it has forever knocked me down a different path one that I am proud to be on, a path however that I most likely would not have gone on, if that day never happened. For those out there who lost their lives on that day or for those who lost their lives following the events of that day, the best I can do to Honor them is by not letting their death be in vain. I have done this, by finding out what it means to be truly an American, to be Truly Free! Who would have known that a Dark Hour in American History, would 10 Years later yield now in America to a New Renaissance of Liberty and a Re-Discovery of the Real American Heritage? Not the false propaganda they preached in school.

* = Ron Paul’s Warnings are still valid however, for the full correction was denied to occur back in 2008. Recent Economic News is merely a symptom of America’s Excessive Spending and Economic Decline, due to Government Interventionism and Special Interests merging with Political Power, which is properly called Corporatism. We are beginning to witness Ron Paul’s rise to fame now, and all the Established Powers will do anything to assassinate his character in order to move forward with their agendas.

As A Side-Note: While I certainly have the Von Mises Institute as a steady intellectual base for the Paleo-conservative and Right-Libertarian Wing, I have moved also into the realm of Left-Libertarian Political Theory, which encompasses many political philosophies as well. Overall though, any philosophy that I choose to embrace will be one that is of Libertarian rather then Authoritarian leanings.


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