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It is an assumed part of Christianity, that although there is diversity of people in the world, there is also a deep underlying unity as well, whether in Man’s fallen state or in Man’s Risen State. Therefore, in this Blog Mankind will be viewed as One Organic Person. As such this person has an internal conflict, he is fragmented and broken. The therapists job then must be to create Unity: To Bring Back Together the Disparate Parts and Resolve the Internal Conflict. Here are the 3 Main Ways in Which I Intend To make this possible:

1) The 3rd Party Intermediary:

One of my First Therapeutic Plans, and possibly more obvious one, was to allow a Third Party Intermediary speak on behalf of Two Sides of the Apparent Argument. Each side of the Argument, we must admit brings up valid points, if we are not willing to admit this then conflict will continue and there will be no peace! As an example of how this maybe applied:

Lets take the Objective of Reconciling Christianity with the Inorganic Sciences, in particular lets say Quantum Physics: There is reading material out there that I have been exposed to that attempts to Integrate the current understandings of Physical Reality with Far Eastern Spirituality, then there is reading material out there which attempts to integrate Far Eastern Spirituality with Christianity. In this case then, the Far Eastern Spiritual Traditions becomes the 3rd Party Intermediary who will aid in bringing peace and understanding, thereby working toward Fulfilling the Objective of Reconciling Christianity with Modern Thought in Physics as well as Indirectly fulfilling the work of reconciling Far Eastern Spirituality with Christianity.

2) Modern Psychotherapeutic Methods

Although I believe that NLP is a powerful tool that can be used for beneficial purposes and malicious purposes, the intent here is to use NLP Techniques for Internal Conflict Resolution [again as part of my belief in the Unity of Humanity and Seeing Humanity as an organic whole, albeit fragmented and broken]. I will also be using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques for Conflict Resolution Purposes as well in the context of addressing The Objectives outlined too. CBT is a powerful tool as well and people have made ties to it and Stoic thought, citing a well known quote in Philosophical Circles, from Stoic thinker, Epictetus: “Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.” (The Enchiridion)

3) Scholastic Debating Style –

Originally I was entirely opposed to the thoughts of Scholastism, however in the Pursuit of Truth and Understanding no method that claims itself as a tool for discovering truth should be neglected. However, I am still skeptical that man can make claims of the divine through pure human reason alone, especially while in a fallen and unregenerate state. Therefore, this method is in one respect not going to be used as frequently but is always used, or more precisely the Scholastic Method of Inquiry is not going to be use as directly or be in the foreground as it will be used in the Background and Indirectly.

Please Note: This is Therapy for Humanity, this work goes beyond my life but it is my belief that one day in the future the internal conflict present within Humanity will come to an end and we will realize, understand, and live by this inherent Unity in a more Healthier State. Until then, understand that my goal at the end of each post is NOT to presumptuously think I have single handedly treated the problem, but rather understand that it is a work in progress.


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