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Welcome to Reality and Illusions, a Blog I designed to help viewers integrate the Depths of the Christian Tradition with Contemporary Society! I invite you to view this Blog’s Pages Above: Learn About The Author and Why the Blog Was Created, Learn About The Blog’s Mission, and Understand Even Further The Objectives that I wish to Integrate into a larger understanding. This Blog is Active and its Mission from this point on is Living and Unfolding.

I invite you to view the links on the Left, more links will be added in time. I invite you to see my reading profile, with a pictured link to GoodReads on the left, to see what I am currently reading, want to read, and have already read as well. I hope you enjoy this Blog and its material for I will be using this Blog both for my own benefit and the benefit of others. I intend to post on a stable and patterned basis of about 2 to 3 times in a week, I believe there is enough material that can be covered to allow for such posting frequency, of course there are other factors that may affect my rate of posting.


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